Winter School "Dosimetry Guided Treatment Planning for Radionuclide Therapy"


Date: March 04-06, 2020
Location: Bern, Switzerland

Endorsement or Accreditation:
Dosimetry Commitee of European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM)
Federal Office of Public Health (BAG)
Swiss Nuclear Medicine Society (SGNM)
Swiss Society of Radiobiology and Medical Physics (SSRMP)
Italian Association of Medical Physics (AIFM)
Association Suisse des Techniciens en Radiologie Medicale (ASTRM)


Mission & Scope

This winterschool targets medical physicists, physicians, technologists and researchers involved and interested in the workflow of clinical dosimetry in support to precision radionuclide therapy. The aim of this winter school is to present bases of quantitative imaging and dosimetry methodologies to support patient-based treatment planning and verification in clinic. The school also aims to promote a common/shared knowledge and cooperation of different partners involved (physicians, physicists, technologists and researchers). Research and commercial solutions to assist quantitative imaging and dosimetry workflows will be also presented and discussed.



Program / Flyer 

March 04, 2020:

08:00-09:00   Registration

09:00-09:30   Opening Ceremony

Moderator: Prof. Axel Rominger


Prof. Mark Konijnenberg


EANM Dosimetry Committee

Prof. John Prior


Swiss Nuclear Medicine Society

Prof. Michael Fix


Swiss Society of Radiobiology and Medical physics

Prof. Sebastian Baechler


Federal Office of Public Health (BAG)

Session 1:   Imaging and Quantification

9:30- 10:30


Quantitative imaging to assist personalized dosimetry


Prof. Mark Konijnenberg

10:30-11:00   Coffee Break

10:45- 11:30


Calibration of imaging and non-imaging devices


Dr. Johannes Tran-Gia

11:30- 12:30


Quantitative accuracy in activity and dose determination (MRT-projects)


Dr. Johannes Tran-Gia

12:30-14:00   Lunch Break

Session 2:   Simplistic approach vs individualized approach

14:00- 14:35


Physician's point of view


Prof Axel Rominger, Prof. Niklaus Schaefer

14:35- 15:10


Physicist's point of view


Prof. Mark Konijnenberg, Prof. Michael Lassmann, Prof. Glenn Flux

15:10- 15:30


Industry/Pharma point of view


Dr. Germo Gericke

15:30-16:00   Coffee Break

Session 3:   Practical Session

16:00- 17:00


Vendor procedures for quantitative calibration of Imaging devices


March 05, 2020:

Session 4:   Dose Calculation

8:30- 9:15


Methodologies for Dose Calculation (From bases to Monte-Carlo)


Prof. E. Amato

9:15- 10:00


Future of dose calculation methodologies


Prof. Glenn Flux

10:00-10:30   Coffee Break

Session 5:   Clinical Application and Results

10:30- 11:10


Predictive dose planning and post-treatment verification in I-131 DTC and Y-90-Radioembolisation


Dr. E. Richetta

11:10- 11:50


Lu-177-somatostatin analogues and PSMA


Prof. Axel Rominger

11:50- 12:30


Bone metastasis


Dr. Iain Murray

12:30-14:00   Lunch Break

Session 6:   Dose Calculation

14:00- 14:40


OPENDOSE Collaboration


Mr. Alex Vergara

14:40- 15:30


Industry presentations: Commercial solutions for personalized dosimetry

15:30-16:00   Coffee Break

Session 7:   Round Table

16:00- 17:00


The need of, and practical implementation of clinical dosimetry. Including presentation/discussion of the experience of the Italian societies AIMN/AIFM


Dr. Marco Maccauro


March 06, 2020:

Session 8:   Biokinetics

9:00- 9:45


Set-up of Multicenter trials Involving Dosimetry


Prof. Michael Lassmann

11:10- 11:50


From Time-activity Data to Pharmacokinetic Modelling


Prof. Gerhard Glatting

10:30-11:00   Coffee Break

11:00- 11:45


Treatment Planning with PBPK/PD Models


Prof. Gerhard Glatting

11:45- 12:30


Biodosimetry and its Application to NM


Prof. Michael Lassmann

12:30-14:00   Lunch Break

Session 9:   Research topics in MRT Dosimetry

14:00 - 14:45


How AI can support personalized dosimetry


PD Dr. Kuangyu Shi

14:45 - 15:30


Pre-clinical dosimetry


Dr. F. Cicone

15:30 - 16:15


Novel Isotopes for Theranostics


PD. Dr. Cristina Mueller



The registration fee is 250 CHF. Please send your name, affiliation and address to We will send you the confirmation and invoice. r